Why we need SuDSPlanter

Despite all new housing developments being built with separate foul and surface water drainage systems, there are still over 31,000 combined sewer overflows (CSOs) throughout the UK.

As well as the huge number of CSOs still in operation and the many  thousands of km of combined sewer, surface water runoff also contributes to poor water quality in our water environment.

SuDSPlanter helps tackle pollution in two ways:

  1. By reducing the frequency of CSO discharges during rainfall events.

  2. By remove many of the pollutants often present in the runoff from roofs, such as sediment, bird droppings, metals from some roofing materials and deposits from air pollution.

The benefits of source control techniques such as green roofs and rainwater harvesting are well-documented and well known.  SuDSPlanter provides many of the same benefits and can be used in conjunction with these techniques to deliver new drainage systems which are able to retain all rainwater on site.  It's an idea rainwater runoff reduction system for both new build and retro-fit installations.

But don't just take our word for it...

check out our latest case studies to discover SuDSPlanter in use.

South Moor, Co. Durham

Partnership project to install green products in a residential environment, dealing with discharges to the nearby River Twizell.  Approx. 1000 houses in the area are connected to combined sewers which overflow into the river.

Mabe School, Cornwall

These SuDSPlanters have been installed as part of a new school extension. Using recycled post-consumer plastic waste, they deliver an environmentally-sound, low maintenance solution offering exciting educational  opportunities.


Retrofitted to a detached 4-bed house, this planter is monitored to provide detailed performance data. A weather station collects real-time rainfall and environmental data to enable accurate evaluation of the planter’s performance. 

Read on for the results!

Or contact us to talk about creating bespoke planters to your own specific requirements.

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