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Made from UK grown timber
and recycled materials


SuDSPlanters are low maintenance: ideal for homes, businesses, schools & community buildings.

  • Unique design collects, cleans, stores and slowly releases rainwater run-off​

  • Made from sustainably sourced materials, which are fully recyclable

  • UK grown FSC accredited timber

  • Recycled plastic components

  • Minimum 15 year life expectancy

  • Can be retrofitted to a downpipe or designed in from the start

Each SuDSPlanter is delivered ready-assembled and finished to your specification.

  • Supplied complete with all the internal drainage components

  • Comes complete with the specialist soil mix, which allows plants to thrive without suffering in heavy rainfall events

  • Has integral, high strength, adjustable feet, to ensure a completely level unit even on uneven bases and ground

  • Includes a planting list, with options to help butterflies, bees, insects and birds

SuDSPlanter Sizes


1200mm wide x 600mm deep x 950mm high



1600mm wide x 600mm deep x 950mm high



2000mm wide x 600mm deep x 950mm high*

*Large unit only available in framed format with recycled plastic lumber infills

Other sizes are available on request.


Our design team offers a bespoke service to create SuDSPlanters specifically for differing roof sizes and to fit available spaces.

SuDSPlanter Finishes

Choose from our standard finishes or contact us to discuss custom colour options.

Recycled Lumber Planter

This SuDSPlanter is manufactured using a plastic coated metal frame with recycled plastic lumber infills.  All materials are 100% recycled or recyclable. 

A natural wood infill can be provided, in either natural or painted finish, if you prefer a warmer touch to your SuDSPlanter.

Revised Colour Chart with New Plastic.png

All our plastic coated metal frames can be supplied in any RAL colour 

Updated SuDSPlanter_Finishes_Timber II.png

Timber Planter

Our timber planters are manufactured in Wales from UK sourced FSC softwood and recycled component parts. 


We aim to provide an environmentally sound solution with a minimum 15 year life expectancy.

Available in a wide range of colours - please contact us for more detail 


  • For DIY installations, we provide an instruction manual with your planter, which has handy maintenance tips too.

  • If you would like us to install your SuDSPlanter for you, simply ask us when you place your order: call us on 07712 842392 or contact us via the 'Get in Touch' page on this site.


  • Your SuDSPlanter is a great way to increase biodiversity, as it works best with as wide a variety of plants as possible.

  • For the best results, choose from our list of suitable plants, or we can supply you with a selection of young plants for establishing: simply ask when you place your order or contact us before delivery.

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