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SuDSPlanter is a uniquely designed rain garden – sometimes called a stormwater garden – which captures rainwater run-off from roofs, rather than leaving it to flow into the drains and sewers and potentially overloading the system.

It’s a cleaner, greener and sustainable way to guard against today’s increasing risk of flooding and contamination; it provides stored water for use in dry or drought conditions; and is designed to cope in wet and dry environments, so more durable and long-lasting than typical planters.

The SuDSPlanter is designed to capture rainwater run-off from roofs by re-routing the downpipe from the drains into the planter.


The premium quality timber base consists of two structural layers in a double-wall construction, with a guaranteed watertight liner, ensuring maximum strength and life expectancy.

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Planters are delivered ready-filled with carefully layered growing media and filter materials.  This layering acts as both a sponge and a natural filter, attenuating flow and removing bird faeces and other contaminants as the water soaks through to the reservoir below.  The specialist growing media are designed to sustain plant growth in both wet and dry conditions.

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Planted on 23rd April

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Fabulous by 15th June!

We provide a list of suitable plants which can be planted as they would in any other garden container. The incoming run-off waters the plants, and they also absorb nutrients from the water, which helps the cleaning process and ensures a lush display.

Filtered water collects in a high-volume, high-strength reservoir at the base of the planter, which stores it for re-use or slow release into a drainage or garden irrigation system.  Integral flow control ensures a precise, appropriate discharge rate for each individual installation.


A high-level overflow above the surface of the growing layer controls water levels during extreme rainfall and adjustable feet ensure the planter is completely level, even on uneven ground.

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