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SuDSPlanter Ltd prides itself on the design, construction, and delivery of a truly sustainable product, maximizing on local manufacturing skills and materials alongside applying a circular economy approach to our product range and installation waste products.  


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Each SuDSPlanter® is made from 100% recycled/recyclable materials sourced entirely within the UK and manufactured within our assembly plant in Wales.  The recycled plastic lumber version  of the  SuDSPlanter® product range has been developed to ensure that all wastage from the manufacturing process (offcuts, plastic shavings etc.) can be returned to the manufacturer and reused within the next recycled lumber materials. The raw material sourced to manufacture the recycled lumber is collected from waste packaging such as shrink wrap and plastic wrap used within the agricultural industry for food production. To align with the Net Zero aspirations of the agricultural industry (our material source) and plastic manufacturing industry,  SuDSPlanter Ltd has created a circular economy approach to packaging by collecting all plastic wrap and soil bags and returning these to the plastic lumber manufacturer for recycling into new materials. For the ‘all timber’ versions of SuDSPlanter® we aim to use locally grown timber wherever possible and have developed our range to utilize naturally water repellent softwoods grown in the UK such as Larch and Cedar to maximise lifespan and minimize maintenance requirements for our customers. 

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Growing media / Soil

Ensuring our suppliers are as environmentally sound as possible is one of the main aims of the company. The sourcing of a sustainable soil supplier has led us to working with a local green waste company for the supply of compost and topsoil sustainably sourced as a by-product of food production from a maximum 5 mile radius of their site. Each planter is supplied with a soil mix suited to allowing infiltration for flood protection whilst utilizing the green compost for water attenuation, so providing resilience for plants in dry/drought periods. The multifunctional service provided by the planters makes them ideal for drier regions of the UK where climate change impacts are more pressing.  

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To support our environmental ethos, and desire to ‘grow local’, SuDSPlanter Ltd sources the majority of its plant stock from the local nursery near to the manufacturing plant in Mid Wales. This ensures we have access to seasonal plants grown in a climate which provides hardiness to all regions of the UK. The nature of sourcing from a preferred supplier means we can ensure we align to our environmental objectives of a minimal carbon and water footprint, alongside our social aspirations of supporting small/family businesses. Our ethos is to deliver ‘A cleaner, greener way to manage surface water sustainably’ and that resonates through all of our business decisions relating to the social, environmental and economic challenges of modern-day design and manufacturing. 

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